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Scalarworks LEAP/08

Scalarworks has been producing some of the industry's most solid and dependable quick-detach red dot mounts for a decade. For any hunter or competitor who needs seamless integration of a low-powered variable optic system or full-sized 30mm scope and your rifle, this LEAP/08 1.93" 30mm mount from Scalarworks will give you that and much more.


Fit: 30mm Tube

Weight: 5.74 Ounces

Inclination: 0 MOA

Material: 7075-76 Aluminum/4140H Steel

Style: Quick Detach

The Scalarworks scope mount is machined from 7075-T6 aerospace-grade aluminum and blended with 4140H steel hardware. Scalarworks understands that this combination provides the rigidity you'll need during field operation. One of the highly-rated LEAP/08 1.93" 30mm scope mount features is the absence of a separating ring system. Scalarworks builds this LEAP/08 with a high-strength hinge that ensures even pressure around the optic tube. Scalarworks holds the scope in place with oversized shoulder screws, which guarantees rigidity while reducing weight. These days, it's all about options, and Scalarworks makes the LEAP/08 1.93" 30mm compatible with their Side Kick system that enables the installation of a reflex or red dot sight in an off-set position. The off-set mount is sold separately, but if you choose to use both, you get the ability to acquire targets at both long and close-up ranges on the same rifle. Scalarworks understands that bulky and awkward use of your optic system won't work when you need a streamlined solution. That's why the CickDrive quick-detach mechanism was developed. Scalarworks ClickDrive quick-detach method eliminates all the bolts, levers, and knobs used in other mounts that can snag and possibly wreak havoc on your clothing. Along with all these features, the LEAP/08 1.93" 30mm has a LevelDrive screw that ensures your optic system will help you maintain a level optic system regardless of your operating environment. If you've been looking for a quick-detach scope mount that won't crush the tube during installation, is lighter than many mounts on the market, and is priced competitively, a choosing a LEAP/08 1.93" 30mm mounting solution from the experts at Scalarworks is your best choice.

Scalarworks LEAP/08

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